Year 9 Futures Centre

fcc-940-200-26Futures Centre Program

The Futures Centre is an area of the school designed specifically for Year 9 students, which was redeveloped as part of a $1 million grant from the Leading Schools Fund. The focus of this Centre is to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need for high level functioning in our future local and global communities.
The program is academically challenging with an emphasis on developing our students’ critical thinking and creativity, combined with an eye to the future.

Benefits of the Futures Centre for our students

In the Futures Centre, Year 9 students study a combination of compulsory core subjects and a choice of electives and project based units. The projects deal with real issues, some in the local community and in other cases global communities. Through these projects, students make connections and partnerships with mentors and specialists in universities, the public sector and the business world.
The project-based electives are timetabled in an extended block on one day, to provide the flexibility for indepth immersion in a variety of learning activities, including excursions and other activities conducted within the community.

Year 9 Course Summary

(see the Year 9 handbook for more details about particular subjects)

Compulsory core subjects at Year 9
Periods Per Week Length
English or EAL (English as Another Language)
4 Periods Year Long
Mathematics 4 Periods Year Long
5 periods One Semester
Humanities 5 periods One Semester
Health Education 3 Periods One Semester
Physical Education 3 Periods One Semester
Sport Education 2 Periods Year Long
Futures Centre Project &  Elective Units
Periods Per Week Length
Elective Unit 1 3 periods Semester 1
Elective Unit 2
3 periods Semester 1
Elective Unit 3
3 Periods Semester 2
Elective Unit 4 3 Periods Semester 2
Project Unit 1 6 Periods Semester 1
Project Unit 2 6 Periods Semester 2
Elective Units

Students undertake two electives per semester.

Electives include: Japanese, Italian, Going Ballistic – Introduction to Physics, Creative Writing, Game Making, Drama, Music, Dance, Flight Electronics, Computer Aided Drawing, Robotics, Wood, Art, Fashion & Fabrics, Photography, Digital Art, Bakery, Foods of the World.

Project Units

Students undertake one project each semester.
Projects are cross-curricular but focus predominantly on one or two core subject areas. For example: CSI – Forensic Science: is a Science-based project, but also contains elements of Maths, English, Psychology, Legal Studies and Multimedia.
Projects include: Community Action, Hot Docs Journalism, CSI – Forensic Science, Mythbusters, Roadie to Rockstar, Sporting Excellence, Outdoor Adventure, Gardens & Chefs, Film Making
Community Action is compulsory for all students and consists of two components – Community Service and City School Experience.

(see the Year 9 handbook for further details)