Year 10 – Towards VCE

fcc-940-200-08In Year 10 the focus is on consolidating and extending academic skills and preparing for the more rigorous demands of VCE.  With the assistance of comprehensive counselling, students are given the opportunity to build a course of study that takes into account their interests, strengths and career needs, and allows them to explore their chosen areas in greater depth. For example, a student interested in pursuing a science program in VCE, will have the opportunity to study elective units in Physics, Chemistry and Biology as part of their Year 10 program.

As well as the core and elective programs, Year 10 students with the appropriate academic and organisational skills may select a VCE study. Satisfactory completion of this study is accredited towards the requirements of VCE.

All Year 10 students participate in a tertiary visitation program where they visit universities and TAFE institutes throughout the year.  Students also undertake work experience and a driver education program during Year 10.

Year 10 Subject Handbook