Vision & Values

fcc-940-200-05OUR VISION

FCC provides a high quality secondary educational experience that guarantees:

  • Academic focus and success
  • Extensive choice, particularly in the Sciences and the Arts
  • Personalised attention and care of the individual child
  • A vibrant, purposeful and secure learning environment
  • Disciplined structures – gradual development of independence – achievement focused culture
  • Learning for success in the 21st century
  • Extending the horizons of learning through digital technologies
  • Developing ‘community-mindedness’ – local & global
  • Multiple opportunities to grow into confident, articulate well-rounded young people




  • Promoting a culture of achievement and the pursuit of personal excellence in learning
  • Extending the boundaries of individual potential
  • Developing capacity for sustained effort and persistence


  • Respect for others, the environment and self
  • Mutually respectful of each other’s talents and differences
  • Relationships built on respect


  • Taking responsibility and setting high standards for your learning
  • Accepting responsibility for a personal commitment to high standards of behaviour
  • Developing the ability to engage actively and responsibly in society