Marie Curie Girls Science Club

Two fantastic speakers shared their stories about their pathway into their current career in science to the Marie Curie Girls Science Club and some visitors from Footscray Primary School. Astrophysicist, Professor Tanya Hill from the Planetarium boggled our minds with tales of deep space and other amazing space facts while also sharing with us what initially got her interested in the sciences (it was a great teacher of course!!) and how she got to where she is now. After an excellent lunch our Science girls then mentored the primary school girls, teaching them about global warming and running them through some science pracs. A special thanks to the team who did an excellent job including Madi Peake, Aniya Younge, Flavia Hai, Tia Altschwager, Elise Elliot, Hanna Johnstone, Josephina Silva and Nadire Thomas-Caper. A big thank you!!