Find Me

Congratulations to our Year 12 Theatre Studies students who last week, staged Find Me by Olwen Wymark, for two evening performances and a matinee. This was a major assessment task for the students, but it was so much more than an assessment task. It was a very compelling performance that investigated the complexities of the psyche of Verity Taylor, a young girl and later woman, with autism in 1950s – 60s England. The exploration of Verity’s personal torment, the institutionalised response to her condition, and the impact on her family and friends certainly presented a powerful challenge to the emotions and understandings of the audience.

The production was very much a team and student led effort , and Kingsley O’Connor, Oti Willoughby and Patrick Tuikaba put an admirable effort into their joint role as directors. While their teacher, Penny Owen is keen for all credit to go to the students, her professional and creative guidance and teaching must be acknowledged too.

We now wish these Year 12 students all the best in their monologue performance exam in October – and last week’s production of Find Me, suggests the assessors will be treated to some very strong performances.